Ecolor LED Lighting Technology

Ecolor Lighting Technology is a cutting-edge smart lighting company, which specializes in LED design, R&D, smart lighting system since 2016. We are one of the light suppliers for many international events and activities, such as the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, 2018 BRICS, 2019 CISM Military World Games, and more.

Our lighting products include high-standard LED strip lights, LED bulbs, string lights, and ambient lights. Ecolor is persisting on the way to help more people to share the pleasure of smart lighting.

We are always dedicated to provide reliable LED products and offer effective resolutions for customers. Our mission is to become the leading supplier of LED smart lighting products around the world.

Ecolor Lighting Technologies

Safe, practical, and smart are our kernels of producing LED lights. Our R&D teams devote much time to design high-quality smart lights for customers.

High CRI LED Lights: High color rendering helps bring out accurate and lively colors. We utilize specific lighting techniques on Ecolor lights to obtain the expected high CRI.

"Flicker-free" LEDs: LED lights exhibit invisible flicker. We design LED lights with invisible flicker frequency in the acceptable flicker level. These LED lights haven’t adverse effects on our bodies.

Smart Lighting System: Everything is controlled without any cable. Ecolor Life app is the core of our smart lighting system. It gives options to control or customize Ecolor smart LED lights on a smartphone or tablet.

Ecolor Social Media

We have promoted our brand on popular media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can follow us to get the latest information whenever we launch new LED lights, start sales promotions, and make important announcements.