What is the Best LED Lighting Color Temperature?

Updated: September 02, 2021

Color temperature is a regular parameter of LED lights. You may feel confused about it during checking a product page. What does color temperature mean? Does color temperature affect our daily life? What color temperature is suitable for the living room and bedroom? You will find answers in this comprehensive guide. 

- What is Color Temperature?

- LED Lighting Color Temperature

- How does Color Temperature Affect Us?

- What's the Best LED Lighting Color Temperature?

What is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is a definition in lighting optics to define the color of the light source. It is the overall performance of the lighting source's spectral characteristics, which naked eyes can observe directly. 

Kelvin is the measurement unit of color temperature. We mark K as its measuring unit. Here are some typical color temperatures in our life:

Color Temperature     

Light Source              



2500K – 3000K


2500K – 3500K




3000K – 6500K

Most LED lights



2700K – 6500K

CFLs + Fluorescent

5000K – 5700K


6500K – 7500K

Overcast sky

LED Lights' Color Temperature

Generally, LED lights' color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K. We divide color temperature into warm light, daylight white, and cool white in our daily life. The followings are some recommended LED light color temperatures for public and personal spaces.


Color Temperature       


2700K – 3000K


2700K – 3500K








4000K – 6000K

However, specific items or functions require different lights. You should better learn how does color temperature affects us before buying any LED lights.

How Color Temperature Affect Us

Lights have influences on our emotions and health. Let's explore how color temperature affects our life!

Emotional Effect

To have a more intuitive understanding of color temperature, people divide the effect of color temperatures on their emotions into three levels.

  • Warm light (under 3300K): The light mainly contains red light. People feel cozy and warm with a light under 3300K color temperature. It is because the light has more red light.
  • Neutral light (3300K – 5000K): Red, green, and blue light reach equilibrium. It makes people feel happy, comfortable, and peaceful due to the soft light. 
  • Cool white light (over 5000K): It mainly contains blue light, which gives us a severe and cold feeling. The light source is close to natural light, and it has a bright feel, making people concentrate and not easy to fall asleep.

Influence on Sleep

Warm lights help you get to sleep at night. It is better to adjust the light source to a warm color for a while before bed — the lower the color temperature, the better the secretion of melatonin.

Blue light is harmful to the retina if your eyes are exposed to intense blue light for long. A high color temperature will bring more blue light. Using cold-color lighting for some time before going to bed will increase the difficulty of falling asleep and illness possibility. 

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What's the Best LED Lighting Color Temperature

The color temperature used for indoor lighting should match the primary color of interior decoration. The best solution is to consider together with indoor walls, floors, furniture, decorations, and the room's purpose. 

Choose lights by considering the usage of the room. For the elderly and children, the room should use low color temperature lighting as much as possible. For the bedroom, warm LED lights are the best option. 

You can refer to the content below to select suitable LED lights for different purposes and spaces. It shows the applications of warm lights, neutral lights, and cool whites.

Warm light (under 3300K): Home (especially bedroom), Dormitory, Desk Lamp, Hotel, or cold space

Neutral light (3300K – 5000K): Shop, Hospital, Office, Restaurant, Dining Room, and Waiting Room

Cool white light (over 5000K): Office, Classroom, Drawing Room, Design Studio, Library, Display Window, and more


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